Jewellery repairs, watch repairs and clock repairs are all key services at our two popular outlets in Reigate – Clive Allan and Village Jewellers. So are our sales services, particularly the supply of wedding and engagement rings. It makes sense that we draw a sizeable volume of customers from the surrounding Surrey area, but our name spreads well beyond our home county to reach most parts of West Sussex too, including Crawley.


There are plenty of jewellers in Crawley that our customers could go to, yet they come back to use us time and time again. Not only that, but they also recommend us to their friends and family. What is it that sets us apart from our competitors, and why do people travel the extra distance to Reigate just to use our company and our professional range of services?


Read on to find out, or learn more about us on our video page.


Complete Jewellery Repairs – All Items Restored

Most companies stick to simple jewellery repairs, which we see as a good thing. It isn’t fair on the customer for anybody to attempt a repair outside of one’s capabilities because of the irreversible damage shoddy workmanship could do to somebody’s precious item. The more complicated side of repair work needs the attention of jewellers with a wider range of skills, and this is why our Crawley customers come back to use our services so often.


A few pence extra in fuel (and we are only talking about 11 miles in terms of distance) is nothing compared to cost of replacing an item that’s damaged during the repair process.


And in the case of wedding and engagement rings (and the sentimental value attached to them), we’re talking about items which are completely irreplaceable. At Clive Allan and Village Jewellers, we’re particularly adept at restoring, refurbishing and resizing these most precious pieces. We also undertake jewellery repairs on most other high-value items.


Watch Repairs and Clock Repairs – Your Timepieces Preserved

If you’ve travelled from Crawley to use us for watch repairs or clock repairs, we applaud you for your choice. We understand that for some people, watches and clocks have the same kind of sentimental value as wedding and engagement rings – especially watches awarded for an achievement or a retirement, or clocks passed down in the family from generation to generation. Once more, our jewellers understand why you’d want be a little “choosy”.


If watch repairs or clock repairs go wrong, it might be impossible to replace the item.


Our Crawley customers should have no such concerns when they come to Clive Allan or to Village Jewellers to have their watches or clocks serviced, restored or repaired. Our ability to work on any type of timepiece, regardless of whether it comes from a major brand or from a lesser-known manufacturer, sets us apart from other jewellers in Surrey and West Sussex.


We have access to a huge range of replacement components off the shelf, and also source rarer parts to complement our expertise in the fields of watch repairs and clock repairs.


To discuss jewellery, watch or clock repairs, customers from Crawley can call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or Village Jewellers on 01737 221561.

How To Find Us

Village Jewellers, 9 Western Parade, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8AU

10-5.30 Monday to Saturday.

01737 221561

Clive Allan, 53 High Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9AE

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01737 240453

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