Our two sister outlets in Reigate aren’t exclusive to customers from our home county of Surrey. Clive Allan and Village Jewellers also welcome visitors from all parts of Sussex including the nearby East Grinstead area, and we’ve written this page especially for them. This isn’t just an opportunity to learn about the items we have for sale, such as engagement rings, wedding rings and necklaces; we also discuss our supporting services which include:

  • Jewellery Repairs
  • Clock Repairs
  • Watch Repairs

If we haven’t answered your question below and you need further information, it isn’t necessary to travel from East Grinstead to visit our Clive Allan or Village Jewellers branches (although we’d be delighted so see you if you did). We’re happy to discuss our services over the phone and, wherever possible, to give you an estimate for any repairs you might need.


What are your credentials as jewellers?

Obviously, we offer customers a traditional range of sales and repair services but there’s plenty more we can help you with. As an example, we provide accurate valuations on pieces you already own for insurance or probate purposes; two very important considerations for the modern age. Our popular Reigate outlets can also help you in reducing the need for clock, watch or jewellery repairs in the future by cleaning, polishing and servicing items.


Everything you need from a reputable company of jewellers is available under one roof (well, two actually, but both of our outlets provide the same detailed services).


I’m ready to make a proposal – can you help me find engagement rings?

Of course, and it would be our pleasure to do so. Make the short trip from East Grinstead to Reigate and we’ll discuss the different styles of engagement rings with you over the counter. From classic solitaire settings and halo designs, to cushion cut, princess cut and promise rings, we’ll give you all the time you need to browse through our extensive selection and will advise you on which styles are the most suitable for traditional, classic or contemporary fits.


Both Clive Allan and Village Jewellers supply engagement rings in a range of metals including platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold – complete with diamonds if needed!


I see you specialise in jewellery repairs. Which items do you work on?

We repair any type of jewellery, or resize wedding and engagement rings. Our jewellers also replace missing stones, and fix damaged catches and clasps to reduce the chances of losing your precious pieces in the event of a breakage. Customers from East Grinstead can also come to us to have ‘O’ or jump rings fitted, or chain ends replaced. As you can probably see, our jewellery repairs are every bit as extensive as our sales and after sales services.


Pendants and necklaces are a speciality for our company and we even offer a dedicated pearl restringing service. Our jewellery repairs also include re-tipping and re-clawing.


Do you perform watch repairs on any type of timepiece?

Yes. We repair mechanical, automatic and quartz watches from any manufacturer and in any model. Clive Allan and Village Jewellers can also help with bespoke watch repairs on custom items. The short trip from East Grinstead to Reigate is definitely worthwhile when you consider the fact that we replace fronts, hands and mainsprings. Our company can supply replacement fronts in a choice of glass, acrylic plastic or sapphire crystal materials.


Simple watch repairs, such as the replacement or adjustment of straps and bracelets, take place over the counter and only need a matter of a few seconds to perform.


Are services on larger items within your scope, such as clock repairs?

Yes. In fact, clock repairs happen to be one of our most popular services. East Grinstead customers also use us for servicing and lock movement work, which includes the full disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of larger timepieces. Our jewellers work on anything from grandfather and carriage clocks to wall and mantle clocks, and have access to a wide range of spare parts and components for fast, easy and affordable fix.


Our clock repairs cover everything from mainspring and pendulum spring replacements to the fitting of individual components worn over time. We even repair cuckoo clocks!


To discuss jewellery, watch or clock repairs, customers from East Grinstead can call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or Village Jewellers on 01737 221561.

How To Find Us

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Clive Allan, 53 High Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9AE

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