Engagement Ring, Clock and Watch Repairs in Leatherhead


Wouldn’t it be special to have local jewellers, just a few miles from Leatherhead, where you could have jewellery repairs, clock repairs and watch repairs undertaken under a single roof? At Clive Allan, we can repair everything, from engagement rings to timepieces, under two roofs, not just one! We’re the friendly, independent jewellers, with two outlets in Reigate, where customers can come for a complete repair service.


We couldn’t be prouder to be such a popular choice with visitors from Leatherhead. It never ceases to amaze us that with so many jewellers in their own area, people would want to travel just to use us for repairs and restorations.


This says everything about the quality of our jewellery repairs, clock repairs and watch repairs, and our dedication to you, our valued customers. Bring in your engagement ring, wedding ring, clock, watch or jewellery item today for a prompt inspection and repair service that’s personally built around your needs.


Jewellery Repairs


With more than 120 years of combined experience at their disposal, Clive Allan’s two flagship outlets in Reigate, just 15 minutes from Leatherhead, place a strong focus on jewellery repairs. Come to us with silver chains, engagement rings or even diamond-studded tiaras, and we promise to treat you with the same care no matter how big a value the repair work has.


Ring sizing and chain repairs are our bread and butter, but our jewellers can also add new enamel to your favourite pieces or restore them completely.


Engagement rings and wedding rings come through our doors on a more frequent basis for obvious reasons, but we are equally at home working on rare antique pieces as we are on more common items with more sentimental than monetary value. Customers from Leatherhead who bring their jewellery repairs to Clive Allan and our sister shop, Village Jewellers, know that we care for their precious pieces, offer complimentary estimates and always complete our work on time.


Clock Repairs


Although we live in a digital age, there’s a time-honoured approach to the way we do things at Clive Allan; something you won’t find when you have clock repairs undertaken by High Street jewellers. We offer an in-depth inspection of the clock’s movement, cleaning, oiling and regulating individual parts on the inside, and the outside, to ensure a standard of performance that’s true to the piece itself.


If you have a clock that’s too large to transport from Leatherhead, or if you don’t like the idea of travelling with an item that has high monetary value, we can sometimes arrange collections and deliveries on your behalf.


Because we treat your items as if they were our own, booking in for clock repairs with Clive Allan is never an unpleasant experience or one that leaves you worrying while we have a favourite piece in our care.


Watch Repairs


Any brand and any model; our jewellers can undertake watch repairs on any timepiece so that you can enjoy wearing it when out and about. While it might seem a little excessive to travel the 10 or so miles from Leatherhead to see us for something as simple as a new battery or a service, we think you’ll see the difference in our workmanship, and in the performance of your timepiece, from the first moment you collect it from us.


In just the same way as we do with jewellery repairs and clock repairs, Clive Allan offers a complementary estimating service for the repair of watches.


Don’t forget that watch repairs come with our own service guarantee and, while you’re with us, you might also find a little extra instore through our sales department. Treat somebody special to a new bracelet, a necklace or a piece of costume jewellery, or begin the journey to a bright new future with the one you love by browsing our stunning selection of engagement rings.


Make Clive Allan your preferred jewellers, and we promise that your trip from Leatherhead to Reigate is one that’s always worthwhile.

Call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or our sister outlet, Village Jewellers, on 01737 221561. We specialise in clock repairs, watch repairs and jewellery repairs for Leatherhead customers.

How To Find Us

Village Jewellers, 9 Western Parade,

Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8AU

01737 221561


Clive Allan, 53 High Street,

Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9AE

01737 240453

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