Clive Allan and Village Jewellers, our two showcase stores in Reigate, are just a 15-minute drive from the nearby Surrey town of Horley. Our male customers usually come to us with a clear idea of what they want, and engagement rings tend to be the most common items we sell to this particular clientele. Because more males wear timepieces in comparison to females, we also receive a sizeable number of enquiries from men about watch repairs.


Female customers from Horley and the surrounding local area come to us for a much wider range of sale items, and they also use our two popular outlets for jewellery repairs.


Sometimes, gentleman customers come to Clive Allan or Village Jewellers with the intention of buying a gift for a loved one. While engagement rings remain the ultimate display of commitment, there are many alternative gift ideas our jewellers can give you, and there’s no need for male customers from the Horley area to feel overwhelmed with our choices.


If you need our help with jewellery repairs to surprise a partner who might have damaged a necklace, a bracelet or a ring, we can deal everything for you at either one of our two outlets. Clive Allan also undertakes watch repairs on male and female timepieces


Where to Start with Choosing Jewellery

Be attentive. What does she wear to work? Does she only wear a necklace for dinner in a restaurant or on special occasions? Does her job stop her wearing rings or bracelets? Does she have pierced ears, or a favourite style of earring? If she’s already a wearer of one of our engagement rings or wedding rings, does she have a favourite metal or a favourite style?


If she has damaged pieces you’d like to replace for her, can you persuade her to let go of them for a few hours while you bring them from Horley to Clive Allan or Village Jewellers on the premise that you want to enquire about jewellery repairs or watch repairs?


You may need to tell the odd white lie or two but, once you get to either of our two outlets in Reigate, you can rely on us to make a suitable recommendation on a new purchase. And if you are in the market for one of our engagement rings and plan on making a proposal, we’re here to help with elegant pieces in a range of traditional and contemporary styles.


We know the challenges that the good men of Horley face when they visit our jewellers, and we always make the overall experience as painless and as hassle-free as we possibly can.


A Word on Jewellery Repair and Watch Repairs

At Clive Allan and Village Jewellers, we’re comfortable with the fact that individual male customers from the Horley area are less likely to visit us on a regular basis than females, but we always have the services they need available on the occasions that they do. Take watch repairs as an example. In an age where laptops, smart phones and tablets continually display the time, 70% of people (and an even higher percentage of males) still wear a wristwatch.


Our company replaces straps, fronts and hands, performs dial refurbishments, undertakes water-resistance checks and also welcomes bespoke watch repairs on any brand or model.


And, just like female customers from Horley, some men have an equally strong attachment to their engagement rings, wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery. Clive Allan and Village Jewellers welcome jewellery repairs on any type of piece and in any condition, and will always provide a fair and accurate evaluation on what we can and cannot do.


To discuss gift ideas with reputable jewellers located near Horley, call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or Village Jewellers on 01737 221561.

How To Find Us

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