Wouldn’t it be great to have not just one fantastic jewellers in Reigate but two? Some people from the local area already familiar with Clive Allan might not know about our second outlet, Village Jewellers, which sells engagement rings, weddings rings and an attractive selection of desirable products. This shop, like Clive Allan before it, also performs jewellery repairs and watch repairs for customers in the local Surrey area.


But the fact we have two outlets in Reigate isn’t the reason why customers from all over the region flock to use our services. What sets us apart from other jewellers is the exceptional quality of the items we keep in stock, and the skilled workmanship we deliver with our repair services. Very few jewellers, locally or regionally, can match us in these areas.


Below, we discuss our sales services, our jewellery repairs and our watch repairs.


Jewellery Sales

Like all jewellers with a keen understanding of exactly what the customer wants, Clive Allan’s two sister outlets in Reigate hold appealing stock lines for personal or occasion wear. Also, birthdays, christenings, graduations, retirements and annual calendar celebrations such as Valentine’s Day each present a potential call for jewellery as a gift idea.


The two main focuses of our sales service, as you might expect, are engagement rings and wedding rings; we look at some styles of engagement rings in a little more detail below:

  • A classic solitaire setting to showcase the stone – most often a diamond – makes for a traditional, more elegant ring when used with a plain metal band.
  • Halo engagement rings from Clive Allan of Reigate set the stone higher for a touch of dazzle, use an outer ring of diamonds and feature pavé-set bands.
  • For something more modern, opt for bezel settings which hug the stone around the girdle and use a wider band. Add some sparkle with gemstone accents.

Wedding rings – and bands in particular – have a more simple style than engagement rings so we generally steer our customers toward a metal type that suits their budget. Available options include platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, tungsten, steel and ceramic; all of which are available at our two Reigate shops.


Jewellery Repairs and Watch Repairs

Clive Allan and Village Jewellers understand that your precious items, even when damaged, still hold a sentimental value that’s impossible to part with. We perform jewellery repairs at both of our Reigate outlets, and assist customers by repairing chains and clasps, resizing rings, re-tipping or replacing prongs, tightening or replacing settings, polishing and cleaning.


Our jewellers also replace stones and restring pearls. If you need bespoke jewellery repairs, there’s every chance that each of our outlets can accommodate your requirements.


Watch repairs also feature highly in our collection of services. Some timepieces pass down from generation to generation, while others have a high initial sales value and need careful preservation. We help customers in Reigate and Surrey by replacing batteries, straps and bracelets – three common watch repairs which our jewellers perform while you wait.


More detailed watch repairs include front, hand and mainspring replacements, dial refurbishments, crown replacements, stem replacements and water-resistance checks.


To discuss jewellery repairs and watch repairs with reputable jewellers located in Reigate, call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or Village Jewellers on 01737 221561.

How To Find Us

Village Jewellers, 9 Western Parade, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8AU

10-5.30 Monday to Saturday.

01737 221561

Clive Allan, 53 High Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9AE

10-5.30 Monday to Saturday.

01737 240453

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