The convenient location of our two outlets in Reigate makes it easy for anybody in Surrey to visit the county’s friendliest, most customer-focused jewellers. Clive Allan and Village Jewellers, the respective names of our sister outlets, stock a wide range of branded and custom items. Choose from engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and more, or browse through our impressive collection of timepieces – amongst the finest in the Surrey area.


Clive Allan and Village Jewellers also specialise in jewellery repairs and watch repairs.


These two services provide a wealth of benefits for our Surrey customers, particularly those who may have been sitting on damaged items for some time but have been unlucky in finding a suitable company in the area to repair their wedding rings and engagement rings, their occasional jewellery or their watches – especially rare or one-off bespoke items.


Clive Allan’s two outlets in Reigate also perform repairs on clocks.


Jewellery Repairs with Free Evaluations and Quotations

It would be easy for us just to provide a list of the jewellery repairs we offer from our outlets in Reigate, but we feel it’s equally important for our Surrey customers to know how our jewellers go about their repair work. Principally, we work on items with damage, with wear or with size issues. We do take on bespoke jewellery repairs, however, and always try to find a permanent fix that allows you to enjoy your favourite pieces for many years to come.


Some items, especially engagement rings and wedding rings, undergo much more wear than those only worn occasionally, and these two examples are common in the line of repairs.


Our jewellers always perform a quick clean and polish to revive any piece left in our care, and this process highlights areas of minor wear and more serious issues which, in the event of a breakage, could see you losing the item for good. We show our findings to visitors from the Surrey area, and explain how jewellery repairs will improve the piece in clear terms.


Naturally, the staff at Clive Allan or Village Jewellers offer free quotations for the work required and only proceed with jewellery repairs once they have approval from the owner.


Watch Repairs for Branded and Bespoke Timepieces

Naturally, watch repairs meet our full attention too but we remind prospective customers from the Surrey area that we also service branded and bespoke timepieces. Try to think of your watch as a car. Our jewellers play a similar role to mechanics but, instead of replacing the filters and changing the oil, they service the complex components inside your watch.


We recommend a watch service based on manufacturer guidelines, or at least every three to five years. While a car spends much of its time parked at the roadside or on a driveway, a watch functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on every single day of the year.


If you have purchased a timepiece from us and it still falls under warranty, we’ll perform the required watch repairs to the terms of that warranty. If you’ve travelled from one of the many surrounding Surrey areas to see what we can do for a watch you’ve owned for many years or have purchased elsewhere, we’ll still be happy to provide the repairs you need.


To discuss jewellery repairs or watch repairs with local specialists in Surrey, call Clive Allan on 01737 240453 or Village Jewellers on 01737 221561.

How To Find Us

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